Posted by: bitsydungaree | August 16, 2010

The Perfect Jeans?

Two weeks ago, I was part of a panel of “real women” brought together by Lucky Magazine and Lycra to discuss the search for the perfect jean with tons of influential members of the denim industry. Reps from brands like Paige, J Brand, and Lucky sat poised with their notepads and ready to hear what we had to say about what we can’t stand and can’t live without about the jeans already in our closets.

While I had a blast sharing my opinions about what I consider to the be foundation of every LA girl’s wardrobe, perhaps the best part of the night was the discovery of 4-way stretch. Yeah, you heard me right. FOUR. WAY. STRETCH. As in, however you’re moving, your jeans are moving with you! Even you sit or bend down, no booty cleavage! Not that I don’t feel super classy holding my back belt loop when I bend over to keep my tush covered in all my other jeans…

Each of the panelists got to take home a pair of DL1961 jeans featuring this miraculous new 4-way stretch. My fabulous light gray skinny jeans are so comfy that they feel like a pair of leggings and, so far, have completely held their shape. I also love that, even on a tall girl like me, there’s still enough length on the jean for it to bunch a bit at the ankle over the top of my shoe. I never want to be the tall girl whose jeans are too short, so I adore a skinny jean that gives me more length than the classic 50s pencil.

I suppose all that really needs to be said about my new DLs is that, out dancing on Saturday night, I was the only girl in the group not constantly grabbing her belt loops to shimmy her jeans back into place! I am tough to please in the denim department, but I just may have a new favorite.

The jeans pictured above are the DL1961 Kate

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